Étudiant salarié

Vous voulez avoir un aperçu de la façon dont les méthodes et les théories de vos études sont réellement mises en pratique dans un contexte professionnel ? Il vous suffit de postuler à un poste d’étudiant salarié chez ERICH JAEGER. Transmettez-nous vos idées créatives et vos connaissances théoriques - nous vous épaulerons grâce à notre expérience et notre expertise. 

En tant qu’étudiant salarié, vous pouvez soutenir nos projets dans le service technique, apporter des idées novatrices dans l’équipe de développement, prouver votre créativité dans nos activités de marketing & communication ou encore attester de vos compétences organisationnelles dans la gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement. Il va sans dire que vous pouvez également postuler dans tous les autres services. En tant que membre de notre équipe, vous êtes impliqué dans tous nos processus de travail, ce qui vous permet de participer activement. Nous vous préparons à l’avenir professionnel dans la perspective de former des collaborateurs compétents à long terme.

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Phillipp et Lukas ont tous deux commencé comme étudiants salariés chez ERICH JAEGER et ont même rédigé leur mémoire de licence au sein de l’entreprise.

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Mémoire de licence/master

Si vous êtes étudiant en licence ou en master et que vous souhaitez mettre en pratique vos connaissances spécialisées avant de terminer vos études, vous pouvez rédiger votre mémoire ici, chez ERICH JAEGER. Ensemble, nous pouvons trouver un projet qui vous intéresse et dont nous pouvons profiter en même temps. 

Nous avons déjà encadré des mémoires de licence et de master dans divers domaines (technologie, marketing, gestion de la chaîne logistique) et nous sommes impatients de soutenir vos idées et de les concrétiser en projets.

Faites-nous part de vos suggestions !

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Diego travaille dans notre filiale en France. Il a été le premier étudiant à rédiger son mémoire et a ouvert la voie aux futurs jeunes professionnels. Parcourir aussi le témoignage de Phillipp. Il partage des informations précieuses sur son mémoire de licence au sein de l’entreprise.

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Dual Study Program

Unleash your full potential and get to know ERICH JAEGER through a dual study program. This program allows you to directly apply what you have learned in the practical phases and matches your skills with those of the company. In cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM University of Applied Sciences), the program includes a comprehensive university degree, intensive practical experience and exceptional career prospects. Due to the international orientation of our company, you can already gain experience abroad during your studies in your practical phases at one of our many subsidiaries. 

In an interview, our Head of Supply Chain Management Helmut talks about how the Studium+ program promotes your talents and strengths.

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The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM University of Applied Sciences) offers several study programs for bachelor and master degrees that are included in the Studium+ Program.

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Internships are oftentimes part of study programs and can be completed voluntarily or in form of a practical semester. Even after your studies you have the opportunity to explore different professions. If you want to know what it is like to work for an industrial company in the automotive industry, an internship can give you the deepest possible insight into our daily work. 

Let us know if you are interested! We will help you find the type of internship that you are looking for. 

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Employee Stories

Diego Patino

Key Account Manager at Erich Jaeger France Sarl

"I had 100% support from my superiors all the time. They answered any kind of questions about technical details or about the company. Thanks to them, I was able to reach the level that I’m at today."

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Yinghua Wang

Head of Development of the JAEGER Group

"If you're only in one country, you might only be aware of what is happening on the surface. But to really visit the factory on site and talk to the people over a longer period of time, that trains compassion and understanding among each other."

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Benjamin Hieke

Head of Wire Harness Development at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany.

"In 2016, I asked our managing director at that time which kind of career opportunities were available for young employees at ERICH JAEGER. He then suggested that a degree was necessary to advance to management level. I then found a suitable correspondence course at the Technical University in Friedberg. Normally, a bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for a master's degree, and fortunately the THM offered this in a package, so I had the opportunity to complete both degrees."

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Kirstin Mattern

Project Manager Components and Systems at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"Nothing is impossible. There is always a solution, even if the path to achieving the goal has to be adapted. Adapting or changing goals is not a defeat but holds new opportunities."

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Jonathan Liabenow

Sales Representative at Erich Jaeger in Livonia, USA

Jonathan Liabenow:

"Coming from somebody who did not come to the automotive industry through the normal channel, I would say networking is extremely important for building relationships with people…"

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Helmut Michalke

Head of Supply Chain Management at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"Intercultural competence is very important here and the international teams are a real enrichment. Every culture is different, but in the end everyone is the same and has their own problems and goals. There is a different working atmosphere at each location. In China, for example, I regularly played basketball with colleagues."

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Lukas Zimmer

Head of Inside Sales at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"My path has definitely taken one or two turns that I didn't see coming before. Of course, you have to bring a certain flexibility with you. Sometimes opportunities simply arise. Five or six years ago, I would never have thought that I would become head of the Inside Sales team."

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Mareike Moeglich

Project Manager Components and Systems at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"It used to be much less common than it is today for girls to pursue a technical profession. I was 16 when I started. And as a 16-year-old girl, I was really an outsider, or rather a rarity. (…) But I never perceived the issue as a problem here. It was rather pleasant for everyone that a woman was finally part of the team."

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Roman Jašek

Production Manager at Erich Jaeger, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic

"It is important to set priorities and plan your time correctly. It's not very easy in challenging situations, but without priorities you solve everything and nothing as a result."

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Timo Schadwinkel


"Be open and take the opportunity to work on as many projects as possible - even if they don't always involve tasks from the training programme!"

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Michael Kress

Graduate Engineer of Electronic Development Software at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"The control unit development continued to work more closely with the electric harness development and I found that very exciting. However, I didn't have an engineering degree to be able to help develop control units. So in 2006, I decided to study engineering."

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Kristin Mosch

Personnel Specialist at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"From payroll- and time-management to recruiting and employee motivation, there's everything in terms of HR tasks. Since we're a relatively small company, that makes it very diverse."

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Oscar Gonzalez

Head of Strategic Purchasing at Erich Jaeger Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

"We are a global company and thankfully we have colleagues working all over the world that support each other."

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