As of January 5, 2020, the EU's new General Safety Regulation was introduced, setting heightened safety standards for heavy-duty vehicles, thereby adding new demands on the tractor-trailer interface.

The spiral cables used for signal transmission – and their connectors – are critical for functionalities and signals between the truck and its cargo. The standards for these components have risen alongside the growing demands of the logistics sector. Compliance is a requisite for transporting hazardous goods per ADR guidelines. ERICH JAEGER offers, amongst other solutions, waterproof sockets from their "JAEGER Expert" product line.

The connection between the tractor and the trailer is essential, with system components stretching up to 40 meters in semi-trailers. To swiftly adapt to new vehicle systems, current connector systems were assessed for extensibility. If it is CAN-BUS data transfer for safe signal transmission necessary for example for object recognition – ERICH JEAGER makes the perfect connection possible. Want to know more? Check out our whitepaper and learn all about safety standards, connection option and much more.

Whitepaper General Safety Regulations

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Download our White Paper to find out about the next steps the EU takes towards road safety and if current trucks and trailers are equipped to meet the respective requirements.