Secure video feed for trucks with coax cable systems

Increased safety and comfort 

Trailer-mounted cameras offer a significant safety bonus. A constant, real-time overview of the cargo, dead angles and the situation behind the vehicle significantly reduces the risk for accidents and freight damage – a decisive plus especially in poor visibility. The technology transfer of a proven to the commercial vehicle sector avoids unnecessary development and validation costs. The specialists from Friedberg, Germany, made their systems ready to withstand many different scenarios. By embedding in flexible and heat-resistant coiled cables as well as by robust and well-sealed plugs and sockets, environmental influences are effectively kept away from the cable harness. 

Technology made reliable 

The connector system transmits digital HD camera signals from the trailer to the tractor or truck. A coaxial cable (HD-RF COAX-1/-3) in combination with a high-quality connector based on SAE standard J3008 ensures reliability even in harsh environments. Excellent signal shielding allows for transmissions without latency or data loss. Up to 3 common cameras can easily be connected to the system via a standardized FAKRA interface.  

Designed for tight bending and demanding outdoor use, the system easily withstands 3,000 mating and 5,000 bending cycles, thus fulfilling all specifications according to ISO 20860-1 and -2. Of course, also temperature and humidity have been taken into account: both IP69K and safe usage within a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C are guaranteed. 

Innovative bridge technology 

Conventional trailer connectors are not suited for HD camera signal transmission: no data channels with sufficient transfer rate are available. In combination with its many other advantages and the short development and testing cycle of only 10 months, ERICH JAEGER can already look back on first market recognition. Within the course of its interior upgrade program, a big Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles decided to use the system on its multi-purpose heavy truck. The vehicle is commonly used for towing trailers but is also offered, amongst others, a dump truck configuration. With its daily usage in all weather conditions and exposure to all kinds of dust, sewage water and dirt, this is the perfect environment for the system to fully show its advantages. Especially while backing up through densely populated urban areas, the camera system is of high significance in ensuring both the safety of pedestrians and garbage workers. 

Anyone who wants to use the system for themselves without buying a new truck can of course do so! The coax technology in combination with the FAKRA interface does not require any additional electronics and can be quickly and easily installed in truck trailers via plug-and-play. 

HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system
The ERICH JAEGER HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system transmits the signals from up to three HD cameras from the trailer to the towing vehicle. A FAKRA interface enables direct communication with the cameras and their easy interchangeability.

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