Bird's-eye view system in a semi-trailer

ERICH JAEGER to Showcase Trailer Tow High-Speed Data Connector Designs at IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

ERICH JAEGER, one of the largest global providers of high-performance truck/trailer sockets and cables, will be showcasing its trailer tow high-speed connector designs and its bird’s-eye view truck/trailer vision system concept at IEEE-SA Ethernet &…

Data connector for tractors and implements

High speed data transmission for implement connection by ERICH JAEGER

ERICH JAEGER presents the design study for a High-Speed Data Connector for heavy-duty applications in agricultural machinery concerning the connection between tractors and implements – with possible further applications for commercial vehicles and…

13-pin 12V Expert trailer socket

Trailer socket Expert – as watertight as can be

With the 13-pin connector system “Expert” for 12V trailer operation, ERICH JAEGER has once again set a standard within this segment: The system is 100% watertight both at the plug and at the vehicle and tested according to the protection classes IPX7…

HSI Data Connector for trailer operation

ERICH JAEGER develops data connectors

In the not-so-far future, trailers will face a few new challenges: They will be equipped with cameras and sensors which will transmit signals to the driver conveying information on the vehicle’s environment and condition. Of course, this requires…

Jaeger Basic Socket 15P 24V ISO12098

„JAEGER BASIC“ 12/24V Sockets

Thanks to the innovative rotary contacts with a single-ring seal and a sealing ring integrated in the end cap, the entire socket is sealed to the front and rear.

The socket is convincing due to its small size for all installation situations. The…

Expert Trailer socket according to AS 4177.5

Watertight 7P/12V EXPERT Flat Socket - AS 4177.5

The new 100% watertight 7P/12V connector system by ERICH JAEGER - completely tested according to the Australian standard AS 4177.5. It follows our philosophy that we make connections between vehicles and trailers more comfortable and safer.

The Expert Lineup of trailer sockets

Watertight „JAEGER EXPERT“ 24V sockets

ERICH JAEGER has optimized the systems according to ISO 12098 (15P/24), ISO 7638-1 (ABS-EBS/24V) & ISO 7638-2 (ABS-EBS/12V). So we have the socket as a new „JAEGER Expert“version, in which the whole socket is sealed to the front and rear to prevent…

Built-in socket according to ISO 11446

Watertight 13P/12V EXPERT built-in socket - according to ISO 11446

The new fully-integrable 13P/12V Expert trailer socket by ERICH JAEGER with new mounting points for assembly in or on the ball neck are once again the benchmark for the plug-in connection between car and trailer.

Charging socket according to GB20234-2015

NEW - Charging Socket for Electric Cars

The new socket is used for electronic vehicles charging - according to the standard of GB20234-2015.

7P 24V connectors according to ISO 25981

Connectors acc. to ISO 25981

The 7-pin 24V connectors according to ISO 25981 can be used in the field of commer - cial vehicles for the wiring of tail lifts and loading lift systems. The connector system is designed for electronically monitored charging systems. The system…

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