ERICH JAEGER renews ADR certification of trailer connectors

For many years now, ERICH JAEGER's trailer connectors have been certified according to ADR regulations and may therefore be used for the transport of hazardous goods. In June 2022, the company was able to successfully recertify its products together with TÜV Süd. ADR conformity has thus been confirmed for a further three years.

Vehicles for the transport of hazardous goods must comply with ADR standards

In Europe, the transport of dangerous goods must comply with the Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This regulation contains rules concerning the drivers as well as the transport vehicles themselves and thus represents an important instrument for ensuring road safety.

High requirements for components for commercial vehicles

Of course, commercial vehicles used for transporting hazardous goods must meet the highest standards in order to avoid accidents. Every vehicle component is important here - including the connectors between the towing vehicle and the trailer. For example, these must meet high requirements in terms of watertightness: if water can penetrate the vehicle's electrical system through the trailer interface, this could possibly lead to vehicle malfunction and thus endanger road traffic. In addition, the socket and plug must be designed to prevent accidental disconnection.

ERICH JAEGER offers ADR-compliant trailer connectors

ERICH JAEGER's trailer connectors meet all these requirements and may therefore be used for commercial vehicles transporting dangerous goods. A corresponding recertification by TÜV Süd has again confirmed this status. In detail, the following product groups were tested:

  • 15-pin trailer connectors according to ISO 12098
  • 7-pin ABS/EBS connectors according to ISO 7638-1 and 7638-2
  • 7-pin charging connectors according to ISO 25981
  • Click-in cables for lighting systems
Truck transporting hazardous goods
ADR-compliant socket according to ISO 12098

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