Camera data transmission from the trailer to the driver's cab

With the HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system, ERICH JAEGER has developed a solution for data transmission from one or more trailer cameras to the driver's cab. A coaxial cable in combination with a high-quality connector based on SAE J3008 reliably transmits digital HD camera signals from the trailer to the tractor even in harsh commercial vehicle environments. Without latency or data loss. Common cameras can be easily connected to the system via a standardized FAKRA interface. For this purpose, ERICH JAEGER not only offers the corresponding connectors, but also the cabling of the components including a spiral cable.

More safety and comfort

With one or more rear view cameras on the trailer, the driver has a much better overview of the situation behind his vehicle. This is a decisive plus in terms of safety and comfort, especially in poor visibility conditions. ERICH JAEGER uses a proven technology, video transmission via coaxial cable, and transfers it to the commercial vehicle sector. The connector specialists install the cables in such a way that they can withstand the high loads in the heavy-duty sector. Environmental influences are effectively kept away from the wiring harness by embedding them in flexible and heat-resistant spiral cables and by robust and well-sealed plugs and sockets.

The HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system, based on SAE J3008, can transmit signals from one or more (up to three) cameras from the trailer to the towing vehicle. The FAKRA interface enables direct communication with the cameras and their easy interchangeability. In the process, the coaxial cable reliably transmits the digital HD camera signals from the trailer to the commercial vehicle without interruption. The coaxial cable is designed for tight bending radii and has high electrical performance with low power loss and excellent shielding efficiency. It is designed for challenging outdoor use and can withstand at least 3,000 mating cycles and 5,000 bending cycles. As a result, HD-RF COAX-1/-3 meets all ISO 20860-1 and -2 specifications and IP69K rating when mated. The system is suitable for a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

Innovative bridging technology

The transmission of HD-camera signals from the trailer to the towing vehicle is not possible using conventional trailer connectors. They lack a data channel, which provides a sufficient data transmission rate for HD-signals. Until existing connector systems offer an adequate data channel for video transmission, the HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system can be additionally installed on the vehicle. It is already in series production at a major Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles. 

COAX-3 Application
The HD-RF Coax-1/-3 connector system reliably relays HD camera signals from the trailer to the towing vehicle
Rear View Camera for Bicycles
The use of a rear view camera in commercial vehicles can noticeably reduce the risk of accidents
1-pin Coaxial Plug and Socket
1-pin Coaxial Plug and Socket
COAX Socket HD-RF-3
The three-pole HD-RF-3 variant can transmit HD signals from up to three cameras into the driver's cab

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