What is a “JaegerFLEX 2in1” wiring harness?

With the launch of the new Touran, Volkswagen introduced a license code for approval of trailer functions for all new vehicles. In future, this will also be used with other vehicles from the Volkswagen group. This gives customers two options:

1. Manual (local) approval of the control units in the vehicle
The Volkswagen group has included an option for manual approval of the control units. For this, manufacturers of openly available testers must first adapt their software. When this has been done, you can program the control units individually.

The benefits:
    automatic disabling of parking assistance
    Rear fog light changeover in trailer mode
    Activation of trailer stabilising
    Alignment of existing driver assistance systems to trailer mode (e.g. ACC)

The following should be noted:
    There may be costs involved for approval of the wiring harness
    Not all testers can approve all control units
    Approval may be reset after a visit to the workshop (software update)
    Error messages after approval reset

The FLEX wiring harnesses have been developed so the customer does not have to choose one of the two options before buying a wiring harness.

2. Using the wiring without approval
The vehicle does not have to be approved, the trailer lighting and indicator control are already fully functional.

The benefits:
    no costs for approval of the wiring harness
    no need to search for a workshop with an encoder compatible tester
    approval is not reset after a visit to the workshop
    no error messages where there is no approval

The following should be noted:
    Parking assistance is disabled via a switch
    Rear fog light changeover is not active
    Trailer stabilisation is not active
    No alignment of existing driver assistance systems to trailer mode

JaegerFLEX wiring harnesses are used without approval when they are delivered. You save the costs of encoding the control units and never have problems with a reset approval again. However, if you don’t want to forego alignment with driver assistance systems, you can just remove one plug connection on the lead harness and the wiring harness can be approved for the full range of functions by an appropriate workshop.