To facilitate the onboarding process for new colleagues and to make their first couple of weeks as easy and comfortable as possible, we work according to an internal mentor program. As part of this program, each new employee is assigned a mentor who is available to answer any questions and take care of possible concerns. The mentor provides support in matters of the introduction to the departments, the company structure and the responsibilities. 

In addition to the mentor program, we follow a clear training plan. This plan helps introducing our new colleagues to all teams and its members and familiarizing them with the processes and projects of each department.

Let us know if you have any questions concerning your start at ERICH JAEGER!

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Mareike started her career with us as an apprentice. In her interview, she talks about what the first few weeks of her training at ERICH JAEGER looked like.

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Internships are oftentimes part of study programs and can be completed voluntarily or in form of a practical semester. Even after your studies you have the opportunity to explore different professions. If you want to know what it is like to work for an industrial company in the automotive industry, an internship can give you the deepest possible insight into our daily work. 

Let us know if you are interested! We will help you find the type of internship that you are looking for. 

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Our Advice for Young Professionals

Diego Patino:
"Never give up! When I proposed to study and do my master’s degree while working at ERICH JAEGER, Mr. Voisin wasn’t sure at the beginning because the company has never done this before. It was actually me who did the introduction into the university and then I came up with a folder and I proposed the idea. After having thought about it a little bit, he was convinced that bringing a young professional and new, fresh knowledge into the company is a good idea. So, ERICH JAEGER really gives you a lot of opportunities. We have a lot of expertise in what we do and we get really personal in our products."

Helmut Michalke:
"My experience here is that you have freedom in all directions. You can develop quite freely and have a lot of room to maneuver. There are some colleagues who have worked abroad at our other subsidiaries. Often, paths have developed in directions that you didn't expect at the beginning. So take advantage of the opportunity and make an impact!"

Phillipp Jung:
"If you’re interested in one of the areas, just send a speculative application, swing by, take a look at the whole thing. If it isn’t for you, then that’s no problem, but it’ll be good experience. I can only say it worked for me, and I'm still here (laughs). And as an introduction to the world of work I think it’s great, no question."

Yinghua Wang:
"Be open to taking on versatile jobs."

Michael Kress:
"Stay curious about what your colleagues are doing. Try to see further than the end of your nose."

Benjamin Hieke:
"Be communicative. Be interested and approach people proactively. My experience has been that you are quickly accepted into this small family here at ERICH JAEGER."

Mareike Moeglich:
"Be curious and open for new, unknown things. Show initiative - especially here it is recognized and rewarded. If you show that you are up for it, then you will move foward here. And, this is important: don't let yourself be put off by prejudices! Especially as a young person, when you don't really know what you want to do yet: just do it and see what happens."

Kristin Mosch:
"At ERICH JAEGER, everyone is pretty relaxed. You don't have to be afraid to ask your questions. We have the advantage that many of our locations are spread all over the world. If the apprentice is interested, there will certainly be an opportunity to visit one or the other location for a few weeks. People often worry about school grades, too. There are students who don’t do that well at school but are all the better at practical work. Therefore: just try it!"

Kirstin Mattern:
"Be always open for new challenges. Don't just be aware of your own area, but also take an interest in the company's processes as a whole. This drives your own development and your own area of responsibility."

Roman Jašek:
"Don't be afraid of challenges. If you are unsure, try and fail. This is better than not trying and still thinking about a lost chance. Don't be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up because practice is the best teacher. You have to want to work to get somewhere."

Oscar Gonzalez:
"Knock on doors, look for answers and you will find them. You cannot start a position and know everything right away. It takes a while to navigate the system and processes. You will have to ask many questions, so don’t be shy to ask them."

Timo Schadwinkel:
"Be open and take the opportunity to work on as many projects as possible - even if they don't always involve tasks from the training programme!"

Employee Stories

Diego Patino

Key Account Manager at Erich Jaeger France Sarl

"I had 100% support from my superiors all the time. They answered any kind of questions about technical details or about the company. Thanks to them, I was able to reach the level that I’m at today."

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Yinghua Wang

Head of Development of the JAEGER Group

"If you're only in one country, you might only be aware of what is happening on the surface. But to really visit the factory on site and talk to the people over a longer period of time, that trains compassion and understanding among each other."

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Benjamin Hieke

Head of Wire Harness Development at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany.

"In 2016, I asked our managing director at that time which kind of career opportunities were available for young employees at ERICH JAEGER. He then suggested that a degree was necessary to advance to management level. I then found a suitable correspondence course at the Technical University in Friedberg. Normally, a bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for a master's degree, and fortunately the THM offered this in a package, so I had the opportunity to complete both degrees."

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Kirstin Mattern

Project Manager Components and Systems at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"Nothing is impossible. There is always a solution, even if the path to achieving the goal has to be adapted. Adapting or changing goals is not a defeat but holds new opportunities."

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Jonathan Liabenow

Sales Representative at Erich Jaeger in Livonia, USA

Jonathan Liabenow:

"Coming from somebody who did not come to the automotive industry through the normal channel, I would say networking is extremely important for building relationships with people…"

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Helmut Michalke

Head of Supply Chain Management at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"Intercultural competence is very important here and the international teams are a real enrichment. Every culture is different, but in the end everyone is the same and has their own problems and goals. There is a different working atmosphere at each location. In China, for example, I regularly played basketball with colleagues."

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"My path has definitely taken one or two turns that I didn't see coming before. Of course, you have to bring a certain flexibility with you. Sometimes opportunities simply arise. Five or six years ago, I would never have thought that I would become head of the Inside Sales team."

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Mareike Moeglich

Project Manager Components and Systems at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"It used to be much less common than it is today for girls to pursue a technical profession. I was 16 when I started. And as a 16-year-old girl, I was really an outsider, or rather a rarity. (…) But I never perceived the issue as a problem here. It was rather pleasant for everyone that a woman was finally part of the team."

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Roman Jašek

Production Manager at Erich Jaeger, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic

"It is important to set priorities and plan your time correctly. It's not very easy in challenging situations, but without priorities you solve everything and nothing as a result."

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Timo Schadwinkel


"Be open and take the opportunity to work on as many projects as possible - even if they don't always involve tasks from the training programme!"

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Michael Kress

Graduate Engineer of Electronic Development Software at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"The control unit development continued to work more closely with the electric harness development and I found that very exciting. However, I didn't have an engineering degree to be able to help develop control units. So in 2006, I decided to study engineering."

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Kristin Mosch

Personnel Specialist at Erich Jaeger in Friedberg, Germany

"From payroll- and time-management to recruiting and employee motivation, there's everything in terms of HR tasks. Since we're a relatively small company, that makes it very diverse."

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Oscar Gonzalez

Head of Strategic Purchasing at Erich Jaeger Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

"We are a global company and thankfully we have colleagues working all over the world that support each other."

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