What does the term „JaegerCANtrolLED“ mean?

The new electronic trailer control module for LED lights from ERICH JAEGER is the most consistent solution in the JaegerCANtrolLED stable and it is also incorporated into the electronics and electrical system of the vehicle in question. The electronics recognise the relevant system completely independently and simultaneously make the appropriate adjustments. This rules out faults and increases traffic safety. The module is not just limited to applications with trailers and rack units with LED technology, it is also really easy to use with conventional lighting systems. In short: Compatible with all common brands and unbranded lights, the ERICH JAEGER trailer control module is ideal for highly-flexible use, above all in the retro-fit area, and it is absolutely reliable. When a JaegerCANtrolLED is fitted, every vehicle owner also has the freedom to choose any trailer or carrier unit they want, making their investment as safe as possible.