Trailer control module JaegerCANtrolLED with diagnosis LED

With immediate effect, all new JaegerCANtrolLED control modules will feature a self-diagnosis LED. During installation and ongoing operation, you can read the different status information of the control module via an LED incorporated into the control module:

    GREEN: No trailer connected (ready for use)
    GREEN flashing: Trailer connected
    LED off: Standby or no power supply
    RED: CAN connection error
    RED flashing: reserved for other functions

The JaegerCANtrol electric module is based on CAN technology (Controller Area Network). The control communicates with the vehicle’s other systems via an interface. Digital signals such as “Rear light on” are read and passed on to the trailer as analogue signals.

Reading almost all signals via the two-core CAN lead, simplifies the design of the wiring harness and makes installation faster again.

As the control module is integrated into the vehicle bus, in most cases, the vehicle must be approved in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions after installation of the wiring harness. This approval is generally carried out in a contracted workshop and may incur additional costs.