Est. 1981
Current Version VG 96917:2016-01
Scope 2-pin 24V charging connectors
Regionality Worldwide (originated in Germany)

Purpose and area of application

The 2-pin connector system according to VG 96917 was initially developed for military technology. The standard serves as a military authorization and is issued by the federal office for equipment, information technology and utilization in the Bundeswehr (the German armed forces). Additionally, the sockets and plugs, which are also known as "NATO connectors", have a NATO stock no.

Connectors according to VG 96917

  • Socket 2P/24V (135A, contacts 35 mm2) according to VG 96917
  • breakproof metal, bronze green (RAL 6031-F9)
  • NATO stock no. for version with 50mm2 contacts (version A002): 5935-12-308-5019

  • Plug 2P/24V (135A, contacts 35 mm2) according to VG 96917
  • breakproof metal, bronze green (RAL 6031-F9)
  • NATO stock no. for version with 35mm2 contacts (version E001A): 5935-12-322-9791

The connector system is mainly used for battery charging in military vehicles and thus is laid out for high currents (peak current in short-term load at 300A). Due to this feature and the robust design of the connectors, the system is increasingly used for civil applications as well, for example in heavy-duty commercial vehicles for battery charging, as a jump-start system or for supplying tail-lifts or lifting ramps.

Features of the connector system according to VG 96917

  • Robust design is based on military requirements
  • Capable of carrying high currents
  • High performance crimp/soldering contacts with silver-plated surface
  • Easy assembly

Further Components

In addition to the sockets and plugs, there are further components with VG approval. The most common additional components are plugs with cables, couplers for connecting two lines or a socket seal according to VG 96917 Z1.

  • twin cable 2P/24V (135A with 35 mm2 twin line) according to VG 96917 D001
  • breakproof metal, bronze green (RAL 6031-F9)
  • NATO stock no. for version with a cable length of 3.5 m: 6150-12-309-8025

  • Coupler 2P/24V (168A steady load) according to VG 96917 D001
  • breakproof metal, bronze green (RAL 6031-F9)
  • NATO stock no.: 5935-12-328-6768

  • seal for sockets 2P/24V according to VG 96917 Z1

Requirements for charging connectors according to VG 96917

Connectors according to VG 96917 are subject to type testing as described in the standard VG 95319-2. The approval becomes effective after the fulfillment of all requirements and is valid for a maximum of five years. It is issued by the responsible body within the Bundeswehr's BAAINBw (Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr - Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Utilization at the German Armed Forces).

For the standard to apply, the following requirements have to be met:

  • Short-term (30 s) current load of 300 A
  • Nominal current of 135 A at a contact size of 35mm2
  • Applicable ambient temperature range from -46 °C to +85 °C
  • At least 500 cycles of operation
  • Insertion and withdrawal force of the connection ≤ 400 N
  • Withdrawal force of the individual contact ≥ 10 N
  • When plugged in, visible metal parts or rubber sheaths have to be bronze green or black
  • Thread free of lacquer to optimize leak tightness and hold
  • UV resistant
  • Watertight according to ISO 20653 Protection class IPX4 (tightening torque of the cover at least 6 Nm)
  • Contact resistanced ≤ 0,35 mΩ
  • Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage Ueff = 1500 V (50 Hz)
  • Bump and vibration resistance according to VG 95319-2
  • Climate and cold resistance according to VG 95319-2
  • Corrosion and salt spray resistance according to VG 95319-2
  • Tensile force of the crimp connection ≥ 2000 N (crimping tool according to VG 96927-5)
  • Current load diagram (derating) according to VG 95319-2


Information about quality and certification

Based on legal competition regulations, when quoting and supplying respective components, the labeling and the reference according to VG 96917 may only be used for approved components. The Erich Jaeger GmbH + Co. KG is one of just a very few manufacturers and companies in Germany holding a valid certificate for the approved 2P/24V connectors according to VG 96917. While holding the certificate, the company obligates itself to take measures concerning manufacturing and general control from the receipt of goods to the supply and to always provide information to the responsible inspection authority.

In case a user of the product replaces it with a product without type approval, this may lead to an outage or malfunction which again may result in a significant secondary damage. Nevertheless, some platforms offer connectors which misleadingly seem to be approved articles.

You can identify these product imitations by considering different features:

The thread has to be free of lacquer so that the watertightness of the mated connection is not impacted negatively.

In case the coding notch exceeds the inner sealing surface, the seal may be damaged when mating socket and plug.

The manufacturer/marketer has to be displayed on the cover, and the respective company has to be certified and approved by the BWB (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung - German Federal Office for Defense Technology and Supply).

The manufacturer/marketer may only refer to the VG standard 96917 if the product verifiably meets the approval requirements. Some commerce platforms offer connectors displaying the standard "VG 96617". However, this standard does not even exist.