Est. 1957
Current Version 2016-04
Scope 2-pin 6-42V charging connectors
Regionality Worldwide (originated in Germany)

Purpose and area of application

The DIN standard 14690 was developed in the 1950s to define a standard for a charging socket for external battery charging of firefighting vehicles. It consists of two parts: 14690-1 applies to sockets and couplers and 14690-2 to plugs. Connectors according to this standard are also used in ambulances and other rescue vehicles.

The standard DIN 14690 defines requirements concerning the measurements, materials and indentification marking of sockets, couplers and plugs of 2-pin connectors for transferring power into and out of a vehicle. Moreover, these 2-pin connectors serve

  • for transferring power,
  • for charging batteries and accumulators,
  • for the power supply of consumers like work lights and low voltage technical equipment.


Connectors according to DIN 14690 feature 2 pins and cover nominal voltages from 6V to 42V. This includes the established 12V and 24V applications.
The connector features a captive screw cap, which is fixed to the housing via a chain. The housing as well as the screw cap of the sockets and the cap nut of the plugs consist of an aluminum alloy or an equivalent material. The current carrying parts are made of a copper alloy.
Socket, coupler and plug are marked with the maunfacturer logo and the lettering "DIN 14690".

Socket and plug according to DIN 14690