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Dr. Andreas J. Schmid and Annemarie Wegmeth - CEO and CFO of ERICH JAEGER

New CFO for the JAEGER Group

Sponsoring Wetterau Bulls - Dominik Bantle and Ralf kleine Brörmann

ERICH JAEGER sponsors the Wetterau Bulls

Dr. Andreas Schmid and Uwe Scherm

ERICH JAEGER introduces new Management Team

95th anniversary ERICH JAEGER - The decorated warehouse

Company anniversary at ERICH JAEGER

Erich Jaeger is sponsor for Makerspace Gießen

ERICH JAEGER becomes sponsor in the Makerspace Giessen

EcoVadis SIlver Medal

Erich Jaeger, s.r.o., awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal as sustainable company

myclimate - Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda

ERICH JAEGER creates a climate-neutral trade fair presence at the IAA Transportation 2022 with myclimate

Connected Truck

Data connectors for commercial vehicles

ERICH JAEGER renews ADR certification of trailer connectors

An introduction to the basics of measurement technology

Girls' Day 2022 at ERICH JAEGER

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