Est. 1987
Current Version ISO 11446:2012
Scope 13-pin 12V trailer connectors
Regionality Worldwide

At the end of the 80s, ERICH JAEGER in cooperation with major players from the automotive industry developed the 13-pin 12V connectors system. Due to higher requirements on the connection between trailer and car, the prevailing 7-pin connection had to be optimized. The new 13-pin system allowed for the transmission of all lighting function and additional electrical functions with only one plug.

The standard ISO 11446 specifies

  • the dimensional characteristics of 13-pin connectors for the electrical connection of towing and towed vehicles with 12 V nominal supply voltage
  • the contact allocation as well as tests and requirements for the trailer connector system
  • a park socket for receiving and storing the plug when it is disconnected


There are two versions of the standard:

  • ISO 11446-1:2012 applies to vehicles which are not intended to cross water fords
  • ISO 11446-2:2012 applies to vehicles which are intended to cross water fords


Contact Allocation for Connectors According to ISO 11446

 Contact no.FunctionCross-sectional areaCore insulation color
1Left-hand direction indicator light1,5 mm²yellow
2Rear fog light1,5 mm²blue
3Common return for contacts no. 1 to 82,5 mm²white
4Right-hand direction indicator light1,5 mm²green
5Right-hand rear, position and marker lights
and license plate lamp
1,5 mm²brown
6Brake lights1,5 mm²red
7Left-hand rear, position and marker lights
and license plate lamp
1,5 mm²black
8Reversing light1,5 mm²pink
9Power supply (steady, constant)2,5 mm²orange
10Power supply controlled by ignition switch2,5 mm²grey
11Common return for contact no. 102,5 mm²white/black
12Reserved for future allocation---no core
13Common return for contact no. 92,5 mm²white/red