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Current Version 1991-01
Scope 3-pin 12V agricultural trailer connectors
Regionality Worldwide (originated in Germany)

Purpose and area of application

The standard applies to tractors and agricultural machinery with connector systems for transmitting electrical power. Permanent consumers on agricultural machinery with a power consumption of up to 25 A can be supplied by the electrical system of the tractor. An additional contact is intended for the connection with a switching line. The standard does not apply to the electrical connection between trailer and towing vehicle for the supply of the lighting system (see ISO 1724).


The contacts 15/30 and 31supply a DC collector current of at least 25 A - up to 90 A for a maximum of 0.5 seconds - at a nominal voltage of 12V taken at rated engine speed. This does not apply to switched-on electrical consumers intended for operation in darkness (for example headlights, taillights, working lights). The permanent circuit is protected at the tractor. Contact 82 can bear a peak switched current of 5 A.

The connectors design effectively avoids false couplings. Socket and plug are splashproof when plugged in. The socket is also splashproof when plugged out. The cover of the socket closes automatically when the plug is removed. The cable connection at the plug withstands a tensile force of at least 300 N. The contacts feature permanent surface protection (for examples by nickel-plating).

Socket and plug according to DIN 9680