Connect any trailer – best versatility in class

Tractors are among the most versatile vehicles in the world. The all-terrain, all-purpose and heavy-duty machines are more and more often used outside an agricultural context. If it is on construction sites, in forestry, for landscaping in urban areas or on golf courses: Almost any piece of equipment can be hitched to a tractor. 

Aside from the mechanical connection, high-tech machinery with complex technology needs an electrical link just as well as the old trailer with some lights and turn signals. 

Different voltages and pin configurations between tractor and equipment were often cause for aggravation. With voltage converters and adapters from ERICH JAEGER, these problems are now a thing of the past. 

But our solutions go way beyond tractors! Light or heavy truck, commercial vehicle or the trusty family van; camping trailer, agricultural equipment or a simple trailer for some gardening on the weekend: Anything goes with anything if properly connected – at least when it comes to the electrical connection. 

Check out our product portfolio and find the perfect connection for your equipment here:

Voltage converters by Erich Jaeger