What is a universal wiring harness?

A universal wiring harness can be used with different makes of car and types of vehicle. Depending on the design of the vehicle, some individual adaptations by an expert may be required. Universal wiring harnesses are characterised by the following features:

The electrical connection is made using snipping connectors which are connected to the vehicle lead identified by an expert. Note the lead profiles here, in order to avoid damage to the leads.
Control modules, plugs and grommets are designed to handle a wide range of functions and geometry. The lead lengths are sized generously. With particular, vehicle-specific features, the wiring harness may have to be adapted by an expert.
The installation material covers all standard installations. Vehicle-specific conditions may need to be accommodated using additional materials.
The installation instructions describe a standard installation process in a structured way. There are no special instructions for vehicle-specific peculiarities. An expert should carry out the installation.