What are the advantages of CAN-Bus technology?

CAN data bus technology (also known as CAN bus technology: Controller Area Network) represents a special type of transfer of data in a vehicle. As a compact, central data distributor of data, it is the backbone of the electronic network in a modern car and connects the range of control modules in a vehicle, exchanges data and transfers signals, in order to activate functions.
Depending on the type of vehicle, the modern vehicle today contains up to 70 different electronic control modules, which exchange messages between each other and so facilitate numerous functions.

With the conventional kind of cabling, the number of leads, plug connections and fuse boxes needed for this package of functions would not be manageable. The production processes would also be very laborious, and the sources of errors harder to find. CAN data bus technology delivers the perfect electronic solution for this problem.

In some vehicles, the trailer control module is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system using CAN data bus technology.