Fast and easy online coding for all vehicle types

After installing an electrical kit for trailer operation, the vehicle often has to be coded accordingly so that the control unit can switch off various functions, such as the parking aid or the turn signal monitoring. Instead of expensive individual solutions for vehicle types from different manufacturers, ERICH JAEGER now offers a simple and cost-effective universal solution for online coding.

Two diagnostic devices for use with an Android smartphone or via the web browser are available for this purpose: Basic and Expert. While Basic can be used via an APP on an Android smartphone, the Expert version is available via Wifi and web browser regardless of the operating system of the laptop or tablet. With both versions, vehicle coding can be performed for most common vehicle models.

Julian Cerwick, Sales Director IAM JAEGER Group, on the basic idea behind vehicle coding: "As a manufacturer, we want to be even closer to the customer and constantly optimize our service. We receive more frequent inquiries about vehicle coding via our service hotline. Although we offer the right components and electrical kits for trailer operation, we have always been left out of the loop when it comes to subsequent coding. With Remote Diagnostics, we are changing that: The solution provides the answer to all vehicle coding questions that can arise after the installation of a vehicle-specific electrical kit - regardless of vehicle manufacturer and type."

The advantages at a glance

Remote Diagnostics covers most vehicle manufacturers and types. No installation is required for the cloud-based software. This also means there are no follow-up costs for software updates or annual fees. After purchasing the diagnostic device, customers pay only for the coding operations performed. The cost transparency of the individual processes enables workshops to make predictable and reliable calculations. The solution also offers a chat function for live contact with a technician.

Vehicle coding takes place in three simple steps

  • The OBD connector is connected to the vehicle's interface and the diagnostic device is connected to the tablet via WLAN or to an Android smartphone via cable. The remote session starts automatically via the web browser or app.
  • Now the vehicle type to be coded or the desired application is selected. The diagnostic professionals recognize the request and start the coding process.
  • As soon as the vehicle coding is complete, this is indicated by information in the app and a signal from the vehicle - honking or flashing.


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Vehicle Coding Remote Diagnostics by ERICH JAEGER
Diagnostics Tool Expert for Remote Diagnostics by ERICH JAEGER
Diagnostics Tool Expert for Remote Diagnostics by ERICH JAEGER

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