ERICH JAEGER presents new testing unit for 7- and 13-pin trailer sockets

The device has been designed for the demanding use in garages and repair shops and is embedded in a robust double wall case. The scope of delivery further includes a 5 m connection cable with a 13-pin plug, an adapter for a 7-pin socket and a multilingual manual.

Testing unit for checking lighting signals in trailer operation

The testing unit is CAN-Bus capable and CE-tested and simulates the functionalities of a trailer by triggering the lighting signals of the towing vehicle. Via the lighting controls in the vehicle, users can choose the functionalities to be tested. Moreover, two switches in the testing unit‘s operating panel enable them to simulate a failure of the direction indicator lamps. Testing can be carried out by just one person from the driver´s seat with a connection cable of a length of 5 m (16.4 ft).

Users can watch an application video to get advice on how to operate the testing unit. For further information, ERICH JAEGER provides a detailed flyer on the product.

ERICH JAEGER's Testing unit for checking lighting signals in trailer operation
ERICH JAEGER's Testing unit for checking lighting signals in trailer operation

Trailer testing unit for 7- and 13-pin 12V sockets: Application and handling

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