If the customer-specific requirements contain a higher standard than the Group standards defined in the Jaeger Group, the customer-specific requirements are to be deemed as preferential. Some OEMs have decided to provide information for their suppliers on the IMDS pages.


The requirements listed below can be downloaded from the respective company portals:

  • Renault: Standards 00-10-415; 00-10-050
  • VW: VW 91102, VW 99000, VW 01054, VW 01155, VW 01098, VDA 231-106
  • Daimler: DBL 6714
  • Ford: WSS-M99P9999-A1
  • Scania: STANDARD STD4352en
  • MAN: M3212, MAN 239-1, VDA 231-106
  • GM: GMW 3059
  • NISSAN: M0301 [2014-N], M0403 [2014-N]