The trailer control device “Jaegertronic” implements a technical functionality of the trailer’s flasher failure indicator which redundantizes an additional C2 indicator lamp in the combination instrument.
When using this control device, the flashing frequency of the flasher indicator lamp already existent in the vehicle is doubled to indicate the failure of the flasher. This failure indication corresponds to the current requirements of the KBA (the Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers) and is familiar to the driver as a failure of the vehicle’s flasher is indicated in the same way.
The “Jaegertronic” control device is countersunk into the flasher circuits of the towing vehicle and requires a steady plus connection (clamp 30) with a diameter of at least 1 mm².

Advantages of the “Jaegertronic” operating mode are:
No interference with the combination instrument as no C2 indicator lamp is necessary.
If a steady plus line is existent in the rear end of the vehicle, merely rear end wiring is required. The installation time is significantly reduced.
An exchange of the vehicle flasher unit is not necessary.
The rear fog light changeover is integrated.