ERICH JAEGER introduces heat-resistent cables


The increasing demands of the Euro-6 emission standard are a challenge for many sectors within the industry. ERICH JAEGER has a solution for the tractor-trailer connection: cables that remain stable even under extreme temperatures.

Whitepaper General Safety Regulations


Connectors bridging towing vehicles and trailers must consistently convey electrical and data signals, ensuring safety features like lighting and braking to operate smoothly across all units.

Voltage converters by Erich Jaeger

Connect any trailer – best versatility in class

Safe and reliable: ERICH JAEGER makes trailer connection easy! With voltage converters, any trailer can be fitted to any tractor.

HD-RF COAX-1/-3 coaxial connector system

Secure video feed for trucks with coax cable systems

ERICH JAEGER has developed a solution for data transmission from one or more trailer cameras to the driver's cab. Fulfilling international SAE standards, the system is ready for use in trucks, heavy duty commercial vehicles and off-highway…

Connected Truck

Data connectors for commercial vehicles

ERICH JAEGER will present a new connector system for data transmission between towing vehicle and trailer in the commercial vehicle sector at this year's IAA Transportation from September 20 to 25 in Hanover.

ERICH JAEGER renews ADR certification of trailer connectors

ERICH JAEGER successfully recertified their trailer connectors for commercial vehicles according to ADR requirements.

COAX-3 Application

Camera data transmission from the trailer to the driver's cab

With the coaxial connector system HD-RF COAX-1/-3, ERICH JAEGER enables communication with HD cameras on the trailer.

[Translate to Italian:] Vehicle Coding Remote Diagnostics by ERICH JAEGER

Fast and easy online coding for all vehicle types

With Remote Diagnostics, ERICH JAEGER offers a simple, manufacturer-independent and cost-effective way to code vehicles for trailer operation. The cloud-based software solution does not need to be installed and codes completely independently.


ERICH JAEGER presents new testing unit for 7- and 13-pin trailer sockets

In early 2020, ERICH JAEGER introduces the successor model of their testing unit for checking a towing vehicle’s lighting signals for trailer operation.

[Translate to Italian:] Trailer control module (left side) and tow bar control unit

New control modules for trailers and swiveling tow bars according to ISO 26262

In early October, Erich Jaeger introduced two new control modules for trailer operation for passenger cars with the ordering customer being a well-known car manufacturer. For the first time, Erich Jaeger applied a development process according to the…

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