New cable production to the highest standards

These cables are further processed into spiral cables at other subsidiaries and thus form the basis for one of the core products in the ERICH JAEGER product portfolio.

The necessity of an own cable production resulted for ERICH JAEGER from the company's success. The company would like to increase the depth of added value in production and become less dependent on suppliers; furthermore, this would improve the security of supply and make production more flexible. With EP Connectors GmbH, the JAEGER Group already had a company that was up to the task.

Series production for multicore cables starts up

It took several months to set up the cable production in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe in Baden, and not everything always went smoothly. After many kilometers of test cables and a successful approval phase by TÜV Süd, series production is now underway. The first multicore cables have already been delivered and installed in various products from the ERICH JAEGER portfolio. These are primarily spiral cables for connecting towing vehicles and trailers in the commercial vehicle sector.

Modern machinery and ongoing quality assurance

In production, EP Connectors GmbH can rely on a modern machine park: The production facilities have been designed and realized according to the latest industrial standards with market leaders for the respective technology. The three main processes are wire insulation, stranding and sheath extrusion. The existing building complex at the site has been explicitly designed and built with the various plants in mind.
In addition, measuring devices are installed at strategic points in the manufacturing process to continuously ensure and document the quality of the cables. In this way, potential defects in the product can be detected and eliminated at the earliest possible stage. These automatic quality assurance measures are supplemented by a fully equipped quality laboratory where qualified technicians continuously examine the cables.

High-quality spiral cables for the commercial vehicle industry

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and extensive quality controls, EP Connectors GmbH in Bruchsal produces high-quality cables that meet all the requirements of the demanding commercial vehicle industry: As one of only two cable manufacturers in Europe, the company is qualified to produce ADR-compliant cables. These are used for transporting hazardous goods and must therefore guarantee a high level of operational safety. In addition, it is possible to produce cables that are designed for an ambient temperature of up to 125°C - this is necessary for use in vehicles that comply with the EURO 6 emissions standard.

With the establishment of the new production facility in Bruchsal, ERICH JAEGER is also sending a clear signal for Germany as an industrial location and for the strengths of local production.

EP Connectors GmbH starts series production