Diesel engines in commercial vehicles offer unparalleled performance. However, due to their pollutant emissions, particularly soot particles and nitrogen oxides, they are under scrutiny by lawmakers. A primary concern: The introduction of EURO 6 increased the requirements for combustion temperatures and exhaust gas aftertreatment. In the space between the driver's cab and the trailer, temperatures increased significantly.

This particularly affects the connecting cables between the tractor and trailer. A failure of these cables and the signal transmission for safety-critical components, especially in hazardous goods transportation, can potentially have catastrophic consequences.

ERICH JAEGER's solution: heat-resistant cables that retain their shape and function even under extreme conditions - a product that is already recognized in ISO 4141-2. The company has once again demonstrated its ability to proactively identify challenges and develop solutions that are readily available in the market.

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ERICH JAEGER introduces heat-resistent cables