Crimp technology

In the manufacture of wiring harnesses, ERICH JAEGER applies amongst other things the crimp technology for a solderless electrical connection. In the crimping process, a connector (crimp contact) and a conductor (strand) are compressed to a tight connection by mechanical compression. In this way, a gastight compression of wire and contact plug is created. By applying the crimp technology, a reduced contact resistance and a close connection of the contacts can be guaranteed.
ERICH JAEGER has introduced a group-wide crimping standard that even exceeds the requirements of the valid industrial standard DIN 46249. Therefore, high-quality crimp connections can be guaranteed at any time. A good degree of compression is characterized by a completely filled crimp barrel in which the strands in the wire crimp area are completely compressed in a honeycomb structure (see picture). The microsections are regularly checked for such a compression and still other parameters in modern cross section laboratories