New Whitepaper Highlights 1000BaseT1 Ethernet for Modern Fleets

The paper offers a focused analysis on the significant shift toward 1000BaseT1 Ethernet in the trucking industry.


The Promise of High-Speed Data Transfer and Future-Proofing

Leveraging our role in TMC's S1 Next Generation Tractor/Trailer Interface Task Force, this ERICH JAEGER whitepaper discusses the substantial benefits of adopting 1000BaseT1 Ethernet. As the CAN data rate between tractor and trailer is not sufficient for some sensor systems, such as the detection of the external environment, the use of communication systems with higher data rates and low latency will soon replace or supplement the current CAN data transmission. Particularly, the paper underscores the importance of the validation and testing of 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet connectors, cables, and modules; and explains some of the technical details and testing procedures used in the industry.

For industry stakeholders aiming to keep pace with emerging technologies, this whitepaper serves as an indispensable guide. The complete document is currently available for download:

Download - 1000BASE-T1