Future of Commercial Vehicles: Ethernet Takes the Wheel

As a leader in electrical connection systems and a member of TMC's specialized task force, our aim is to pave the way for next-generation technologies in commercial vehicles.

The Importance of Ethernet

Our whitepaper underscores the critical role Ethernet is taking in the modernization of commercial fleets. With high-speed data transfer and seamless integration capabilities, Ethernet is quickly emerging as the preferred choice for vehicle communication. The whitepaper highlights several advantages, such as reduced network complexity and a scalable, future-proof infrastructure.

The Compatibility with Existing Protocols

One of the concerns when transitioning to Ethernet is the fate of existing, slower protocols like CAN and LIN. Our whitepaper reassures stakeholders by explaining the concept of Ethernet tunneling, which allows for the coexistence of both fast and slow data packets without interference. This ensures a smooth transition while retaining the functionality of existing systems.

The whitepaper is now available for download.

Download - New Technology and Ethernet