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Name 15P/24V Coil (ISO 12098 ADR)
Article Number 641123
Categories Coiled Cord
Standards ISO 12098
Industries Commercial vehicles
Temperature resistance [in °C] -40.0 - 125.0
Voltage [in V] 24
Packaging without packaging
Type of seal bending protection grommet
Cable color black
Cover insert color red
Housing color black
Housing material reinforced composite
Material of cable PUR
Cable outlet bending protection grommet
No. of connected plugs 1
No. of connected sockets 0
No. of poles 15
Addition to standard ADR
Protection IP 54
Max. extension length [in m] 4,50
Max. working length [in m] 3,00
Outer coil diameter [in mm] 50,00
Wire cross-sectional area 12x 1.5mm² + 3x 2.5mm²