Watertight 7P/12V EXPERT Flat Socket - AS 4177.5

The sophisticated, double contact system with primary and secondary lock together with individual wire seals makes the penetration of moisture into the vehicle bord network impossible. Even under the most extreme conditions, the system provides 100% water-tightness. For example, the submersions of a boat trailer into the water (submerging of the connection system) is handled by our connector without difficulty.

The connector system satisfies all requirements of original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry such as protection standard IPX7 (waterproof up to 1.0m depth) and IPX9K (protection against water during high pressure-/ steam jet cleaning). In addition to the water-tightness our new 7P/12V system has greatly simplified the installation process (Plug & Play).


  • Socket is watertight (IPX9K and IPX7) by lamella seal and single wire seals
  • Completely tested according to Australian Standard AS 4177.5
  • Cover seal for dust and splash water protection
  • Separate contact insert with primary and secondary locking
  • Contact on reels for automatic crimp process
  • Fold cap for 180° or 45° outlet
Expert Trailer socket according to AS 4177.5
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