Product information

Name 2P/24V(207A) Cable (VDA 72594)
Article Number 651149
Categories Cable
Standards VDA 72594
Industries Defense vehicles
Peak current / short-term load [in A] 385
Rated current / permanent load [in A] 207
Voltage [in V] 24
Design/Version rubberized
Contact surface silver (Ag)
Housing color black
Housing material break-proof metal
Contact termination crimp contact, solder contact
Contact version contact pin
No. of connected plugs 2
No. of connected sockets 0
No. of poles 02
Protection IP X4
Cable length [in m] 3,50
Contact: for max. wire cross section [in mm²] 70,00
Wire cross-sectional area 2x 70.0mm²
cable cross-sectional area [in mm] 18,00