Trailer socket Expert – as watertight as can be

Features of the watertight trailer socket

ERICH JAEGER’s engineers achieved this by developing a double contact system. Facing the vehicle, the tightness is ensured by contact sleeves with single wire seals and a stuff plug – supported by a contact insert with circumferential seal. Facing the plug, the contact installation seals the socket housing. As an option, the socket is available with a sealed non-contact switch facing the connector.

Trailer identification via the vehicle electrical system or the socket

Mostly, a control device measures the load at the socket thus being able to detect whether a trailer is plugged in or not. However, if an adapter is plugged in without a trailer, the electronic identification does not work due to the missing trailer load. Therefore, the vehicle system does not prevent the swinging out of an electric tow bar – which may damage adapter and socket. Besides, some vehicles do not include such on-board electronics or the user demands an additional possibility for trailer identification.

For the identification working reliably for all applications, Erich Jaeger offers the option to equip the socket with a switch. As soon as an adapter or plug is plugged into a socket, the switch transmits a respective signal to the vehicle. Of course, such a switch may not influence the watertightness.

Reed switch ensures watertightness

ERICH JAEGER found a solution for these applications: The company offers the 13-pin 12V socket with a non-contact switch (reed switch) as an option. The switch is activated via a magnet enclosed in a flexible rubber seal within the socket housing. In case a user inserts an adapter or a plug, the magnet within the rubber seal is pushed towards the switch and activates it. Due to the contactless switch activation, there is not outlet necessary within the socket and the watertightness is guaranteed.

Characterictics of the 13-pin trailer socket "Expert"

  • Watertight according to IPX7 and IPX9K
  • Double contact system
  • Contact sleeves with single wire seals
  • Contact insert with circumferential seal
  • Available with non-contact sealed switch facing the connector
13-pin 12V Expert trailer socket
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