High speed data transmission for implement connection by ERICH JAEGER

The requirements on efficient modern farming demand for a reliable data transmission between tractors and implements. Only the collection and real-time processing of data enables technologies such as georeferenced manure distribution or highly precise seed placement. The development towards more sophisticated applications possibly based on camera signals makes a high band width within a vehicle’s supply system necessary. The data transmission rate of ERICH JAEGER’s design study allows for the required band width and makes the system applicable also beyond agricultural machinery, namely wherever there is the need for the real-time transmission of digital camera signals from trailers to towing vehicles.

ERICH JAEGER develops data connector system based on SAE J3008

The new connector system is based on the standard SAE J3008 – a reliable connection system for data and video transmission used for heavy-duty applications in the US market. The connectors are fully tested and approved according to SAE/USCAR-2 and are watertight according to IP6K9K and IP67. These features make the system more than suitable for the demanding application in agricultural machinery working in rough environmental conditions.

Data transmission rates of 1 Gbit/s

The engineers at ERICH JAEGER adopted the proven design and developed a new pin arrangement featuring two data pins for communication and two supply contacts for power supply. The communication contacts with 360° shielding allow for 1000Base-T1-Ethernet data transmission with up to 1 Gbit/s. The power pins feature a conductor cross section of 2.5 mm² and a contact resistance of less than 5 mΩ. The connector system consists of a receptacle and a plug. In combination with a sealed rear harness connector, the connectors effectively prevent water and further possibly harmful materials from entering the vehicle’s supply system.

Features of the High-Speed Implement Connector
  • Design based on proven standard SAE J3008 for heavy-duty applications
  • High speed data pins for 1000Base-T1-Ethernet communication
  • Two pins providing a power supply of min. 15A
  • Breakaway function
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Tested according to USCAR2
  • Watertight according to IP6K9K and IP67
Data connector for tractors and implements
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