10 years “Diversity Charta“ at ERICH JAEGER

The aim of the Diversity Charta, which is supported by the Federal Government, is to promote and protect the diversity amongst the workforce of German companies. The participants commit themselves to a personnel policy which grants all employees the same appreciation – regardless of their gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, philosophy, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, and identity.

“For us, signing the Charta was not even a question”, recollects Sabine Mueß, Human Resources Director at Erich Jaeger. “We are working internationally, and the necessity of interacting fair with each other independent of ethnicity or nationality has long been a significant part of our code of conduct. Therefore, the public commitment to diversity was nothing more than a logical consequence. Because one thing was true back then and even more so is today: Cultural diversity is our daily business.”

10 years “Diversity Charta“ at ERICH JAEGER
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