In order to be able to deliver these quality standards, we have built up a modern machine park: The production facilities are completely new and have been designed and realised according to the latest industrial standards with various market leaders for the respective technologies. The three main processes are wire insulation, stranding and sheath extrusion. The existing building complex at the site was explicitly planned and remodelled to accommodate the various systems.

In addition, various measuring devices are installed at strategic points in the production process to ensure and document the quality of the cables on an ongoing basis. This enables potential faults in the end product to be recognised and rectified as early as possible. These automatic quality assurance measures are supplemented by a fully equipped quality laboratory in which qualified technicians continuously analyse the cables.

We are always looking for new colleagues to further develop this location. If you would like to work in a modern cable production company that is part of an international corporate structure with the JAEGER Group, please take a look at our job offers.


EP Connectors GmbH 

Ernst-Blickle-Straße 14 

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