Rugged, reliable trailer connections

7P/12V EXPERT Connectors - SAE J560

It is our business to find optimum and safe solutions for various needs in the area of connectors and wires. For the North American truck and trailer connector market (SAE J560) and also for agricultural technology, we have an all-new solution with outstanding features for our customers. In comparison with existing product designs, we are able to enhance the application in terms of reliability, maintenance and costs.

If you want your mission-critical cables and sockets to be as reliable as possible, visit our booth an be convinced by our products.

Watertight 15P/24V „JAEGER EXPERT“ socket - ISO 12098

The truck/trailer connector system according to ISO 12098 globally is one of the most common systems for ellectrically connecting trailer and towing vehicle.

The JAEGER Expert version of this system includes sockets, plugs and cables which are 100% watertight and designed for the demanding day-to-day use on the road. All connectors feature robust glass fiber reinforced housings for unrivalled reliability.