ERICH JAEGER to Showcase Trailer Tow High-Speed Data Connector Designs at IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

ERICH JAEGER is leading the way in developing next-generation trailer tow technology with ERICH JAEGER ETHERNET connectors, delivering the high-speed connections required for advanced vision systems, sensors and more. Designed for trailer towing applications that increasingly require placement of cameras and sensors on the trailers for safety and trailer/load monitoring, ERICH JAEGER has developed several high-speed connector and cable designs for automotive, heavy-duty and agricultural applications that incorporate automotive ethernet data links for speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Building on its high-speed strategy, ERICH JAEGER will also showcase a bird’s-eye view truck/trailer vision system concept, which it is developing in collaboration with a major truck OEM. Leveraging the truck OEM’s driver insight and expertise, the company is designing a solution that will improve truck driver safety and vision around the truck’s trailer, to help reduce potential trailer collisions and increase the driver’s all-around trailer visibility and safety.

IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Tech Day is the premier venue for OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor vendors, engineers, scientists and educators to share groundbreaking ideas along with implementation strategies and applications related to automotive ethernet systems.

Visit ERICH JAEGER at booth C5 to learn more about its high-speed trailer tow connectors and bird’s-eye view system concept.

Bird's-eye view system in a semi-trailerBird's-eye view system in a semi-trailer
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